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Specializing in the Mid to High-End market, we strive to provide our customers with a productive and inspiring space for their employees while keeping value in mind. 


Welcome to The Source!

Located in the heart of the Design District in Dallas, Texas, The Source offers some of the best product solutions in the industry. 

Backed by a group of experienced, nationwide industry professionals that have the resources, The Source will ensure your workplace is handled with care and efficiency.


2024 is all about spreading the word of our favorite manufacturer - Sunon. New to the States, Sunon is already turning heads with their stunning aesthetic and inventive functionality. With in-house design services, let us dress-up your space with this amazing product.


As the parent company to The Source, MoveWorks knows how to take care of your furniture and belongings. After servicing the DFW Metroplex for 20 years, MoveWorks has experience in not only office moves but also in industrial warehouse, medical facilities, and heavy equipment. Check out the website for a full list of services.

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IT Support & More

At The Source we like to find a solution to any needs needs that may arise for your business. That's why over the years we have expanded our team of aligned and trusted partners to more than our own Commercial Furnishing and Relocation team. Let us help you with IT Solutions, Reconfigurations, Installation, Final Clean-Out, Staging/Decor, and much more.

Hafu H5 Chair.jpg
Introducing... the new HAFU H5 Office Chair

Hafu, a seat that truly realizes sitting as if nothing is and forgets gravity. The one-piece suspension frame and the full mesh fabric are wrapped to create a floating and light sitting feeling, and the seat-back linkage mechanism and scientific tilt angle cooperate with each of your sitting postrure changes, and the chair moves with you.

Colors of the Year.jpg
2024 Colors of the Year

The color blue is a perennial favorite, and 2024 is no exception. Over half the companies that choose a color of the year elevated some shade of blue this time around. The exceptions include a dark turn by Behr and, of course, Pantone’s perfect peach. But all the companies share some common themes.

People First Office Design.jpg
People-First Office Design

Human-centered design is about solving problems for real people. Bust post-pandemic office design needs to go a step further. The question is not how people in offices work, but why should they come to the office in the first place?

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NeoCon 2024 In the News

Explore recent media coverage about NeoCon 2024.

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